Occasionally, I come across something that’s of interest to academics who want to move into the private sector. When I do, I’ll post links here.

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  • That “Useless” Liberal Arts Degree Has Become Tech’s Hottest Ticket An article in Forbes about how technology companies are hiring people with liberal arts degrees. In my opinion, it makes some accurate observations, although its tone is a little overblown.
  • Reid Hoffman on living life in “permanent beta” More academics should pay attention to Reid Hoffman. A former philosophy graduate student at Stanford, Hoffman went on to found LinkedIn and PayPal. For what it’s worth, I paid a lot of attention to Hoffman’s advice when I made the switch out of academia.
  • Five Lessons on Writing for the General Public Ironically, academics (who are trained for years on how to write) are sometimes the worst writers. This post has some very sensible advice on how to transition from academic writing to effective writing for non-academics.
  • As Tech Booms, Workers Turn to Coding for Career Change This isn’t specifically about academics who switch into tech, but it is certainly relevant. The coding “boot camp” model in this article is becoming an increasingly popular way for people without much (or any) experience to switch to tech careers.
  • The Startup of You A book by Reid Hoffman with an interesting thesis. His contention is that we should be managing our careers with many of the same techniques that are used by successful technology startups. In my opinion, this book provides a lot of sensible, sane, actionable guidance.

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