As someone who has experienced the transition from a career in science, I understand the unique set of challenges and emotions that can accompany this decision. Whether you're a researcher, scientist, or seasoned professional, taking the leap in a new direction can be both exciting and scary.
   After all, working in the educational field, teachers often feel a lack of gratitude from modern students and understand that in the time of the development of digital technologies, any information can be found on the Internet, and even if necessary, a quality essay on any topic can be ordered. Therefore, employees of the educational sector need to participate more often in startups and international projects in order to be a sought-after specialists no matter what.
 My own journey in science has been filled with uncertainty, self-doubt, and searching for information. I realized that there is a lack of specialized resources and communities to help people like us successfully make this transition. That's when I decided to create this platform - a safe space to find information, advice and support from those who have been through it all.